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Faith and Homosexuality

Posted by kra_tos on 2006.03.26 at 11:48
By Brian Smith

Since October, I have, with my family, been attending a non-denominational church here in Plymouth. For the most part it has been a rich experience.

But there have been a few parts of it that bother me.

We began attending the church during a series on the Ten Commandments. One of the early weeks was a discussion on Exodus 20:14: "You shall not commit adultery." The Senior Pastor, a brilliant public speaker and someone very well connected with the Bible, gave the traditional warnings about faithfulness to one's wife. But then he spoke to sexual integrity as a whole, and referred to the abomination of homosexuality as stated in Leviticus. I took it as a challenge to find out what my place within that church was.

I found my place a few weeks ago among the members of the church's college ministry. The past two weeks have included incidents that have led me to question the motivation of the people I surround myself with, and led me to contemplate the marriage between faith and homosexuality.

Last week, a fellow college student was discussing a paper he had to write regarding homosexuality, and how he derided homosexuality in the paper as a sin "...but they are good people." I stood alongside, watching this happen, and was silent.

This week, I was riding home with someone I've known for several years, but have just rediscovered in the church setting. We were talking about the church and she made a comment on how southern boys rock. And I said, "Yeah they do." And she turned around at the red light, giggling insanely as if I had just made this amazing joke. And again, I said nothing.

So I am left this morning to examine myself, to wonder why I was silent. To wonder why I didn't say anything, why I didn't stand up for who I am. I am a good person. Why must I hide my true self to make it a step closer to acceptance? Would someone with less self-esteem than I feel even worse about himself than I do now?

I think God and gay have a place together. They are not mutually exclusive to me. Because of what I have been through in my life, I feel that God has indeed been watching out for me. EVEN IF (and I'm not saying I believe that it is) homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible, the Bible also teaches us that Jesus died on the cross to absolve us of our sin and adopt it as His own. So those who say that homosexuals are going to Hell do not understand the Bible themselves. Romans 6:23 tells us, "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord."


godmademegay_ga at 2006-08-30 04:55 (UTC) (Link)


I read something I found on the Internet. I couldn't validate it in its entirety, but parts I could. The food-oriented laws of Leviticus and the abomination of homo sex are two different words in Hebrew, they were just translated to the same word in English, abomination. So, out Shellfish Defense may not be all it's cracked up to be.

On the other hand, the same word in Hebrew for "our abomination" is the same word used to describe children who disobey their parents, divorced people who remarry and having sex with a woman during her menstruation. It was some scholarly looking article by Elizabeth Ann Kellogg...the problem is that I can't find any info about Ms. Kellogg's credentials to speak on such matters. I was able to verify through a host of other articles written by real Rabbis that the two Hebrew words were both translated to the same English word.

Another thing, my own beliefs about being gay and being a sinner is that I've always viewed sins as being deliberate acts, like murder, adultery, theft. You know they're wrong but you do them anyway. Sin. I was born who I am, a child of God. I don't believe it's a sin to be as I was born. It's not a deliberate act to be a homosexual and by extension, the act of sex between two of God's children would also not be a sin...ok, unless it's pedophilia, but between two adults, no.

I've been sending letters to Christians who want to be politicians to be able to legalize their beliefs. If you want a good laugh, you're welcome to read my long-ass letters. I quote scripture, old and new testaments, law, history and just about anything I can throw at these Nazis...Yes, I do liken their behavior to that of Hitler and his Nazis, and I put it in the letters to them. I'm tired of being bashed and I've decided to bash back.

Batter up!



Brian S.
kra_tos at 2006-08-30 05:02 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Abomination

Thanks for the well-thought-out comment.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to contribute.
godmademegay_ga at 2006-08-30 05:14 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Abomination

Thanks! You should read the letters I linked before you ask me to contribute, not for the content but for the length. The first letter I wrote to a Georgia Attorney General candidate (Republican + Baptist = Nazi) is 1900-words long...yes, that's 1-9-0-0. He deserved every word of it. Then he pissed me off some more and I wrote him another letter a week later.

My latest "response" is about a Florida candidate for the U.S. Senate and the wacko, off-planetary statements she made in an interview at a Florida Baptist State Convention. In hers I cited a number of historical references where religion and politics didn't mix. I doubt she'd realize they were all atrocities committed by Christians against Jews.

godmademegay_ga at 2006-09-11 03:48 (UTC) (Link)

The Sins of Scripture

Since I posted my first comment I've been reading a book by a retired Episcopalian Bishop named John Shelby Spong. Wiki him and you'll get a good description of where he stands on the Bible. He's been calling for a 2,000 year overhaul on the Bible because humanity has changed so much the old rules and ways just don't apply.

You may find comfort in this book, which is also the subject line in my comment. I am going to post something I posted the other day in a LGBT Christian group that would also apply here. I have a chunk of it behind an LJ cut to minimize space.

If you feel the need to chat or email, please do. You'll find contact info on my LJ.

Wayne Smith (no relation)
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